Are you ready to truly invite more money into your life?


It’s time to master the spiritual laws of money, to really feel at ease in your relationship with money.

What if you weren’t doing anything ‘wrong’ when it came to money?

What if you were just doing what you learned?

Changing how you earn, attract, repel or use money is as simple as exploring your beliefs about what you were taught and then re-writing a more abundant story for yourself through this program.

The Creating Money Course is designed to empower you to shift your money story and programming so that you can become more financially abundant.

This isn’t about strategies and financial planning; instead you will be on a journey to discover your money blueprint: those thoughts and habits you have around money which were most likely given to you by parents, caretakers, maybe even grandparents!

Once discovered, you have the opportunity to see money for what it really is: an energy, a tool, a means of exchange, an idea that you can form any belief around that you choose. And then you get to choose!

This is a dynamic group program where you will:

  • Examine your relationship with money
  • Discover opportunities to see areas of abundance you currently have in your life
  • Master money vs. being controlled by it
  • Move past any energetic blocks that are pushing money away
  • Recognize that you are the source of your own abundance
  • Get clear on what you really want to attract into your life
  • Finally honor and get paid for your true value
  • Become a money magnet!


Let’s face it, you have a relationship with

money, we all do! 

How is yours going?

What if you treated money like a dear and beloved friend rather than a dysfunctional member of your family that you have to deal with and wished would stop stressing you out and just go away?

Ok, ok perhaps it’s not that extreme for you… regardless of where you are in your financial comfort zone, I'm certain that you could figure out what to do with extra money!

Have you ever spent your precious time thinking anything like this:

  • How am I going to pay that bill?
  • Is my illness bad enough to justify the high cost of going to a doctor?
  • How am I going to care for the basic needs of my family or the people who depend on me?
  • I don’t really need a vacation anyhow.
  • Will I ever pay off my loans or be out of debt?
  • I would love to ____________ someday, but I could never afford it.

What you focus on expands.  


This course teaches how to reroute your focus so you can bring in more of what you want, more of the time!

What if your thoughts sounded more abundant like this:

  • I am grateful and able to pay that bill and happy for the services I received
  • I am worthy of making my health a priority
  • I have abundant resources and ability to create resources to care for my loved ones and dependents
  • I can take vacations to places near and far whenever I like
  • I happily pay my debts! I have a respect for my money that allows for me to make sound decisions about removing unhealthy debt from my life
  • There are infinite ways to have everything that I want

The Creating Money Course was created by New York Times best selling author, Christy Whitman. Christy has been training and certifying coaches since 2008 in her own multi-million dollar coaching business. Cambria Berger is a Certified Law Of Attraction Coach who has been directly trained by Christy to teach this transformational course.

Now enrolling for May 2018 class! Groups fill up quickly

Getting your money game in shape is the ultimate act of self-care

Here’s what you can count on in this 10 week course:

  • 10 live training courses over three months with a certified Creating Money Coach.  Your facilitator has been trained directly by Christy Whitman, the course creator

  • Class are Thursdays, from 10-11:15 am beginning May 24th

  • You will get supplemental and delightful downloads to support you throughout the course

  • The classes are taught online. That’s right, you can learn at your home, in your PJ’s or in the comfort of your office without travel time or expense!

  • Courses will be recorded for your review

  • You will have a full week to integrate learning, and an exclusive course Facebook group to share discoveries and ask any questions

  • Worksheets provided via pdf download or email


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