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Private Coaching


Your private coaching sessions are specially tailored to YOU and your needs. I know that you are awesome and magnificent and have talents and skills that help your community of family, friends, co-workers and beyond. I also know that you have areas of your life that aren't quite how you'd like them. There are sticky points, dreams foregone, misunderstandings, glass ceilings, patterns. Life happens...heck we are moving so fast these days,  we put so much on our plates that we have to make choices on how much of what fits. And every now and then something just plain falls off that plate. I get it. And that's where I come in!  I have a fresh perspective and incredible tools to get you unstuck, reduce overwhelm, and get the engine that is your life's purpose running smooth again! My coaching packages range from 3 months to one year. I also have a 2 hours session available if you just need a little boost or shift. Click below to get on my calendar for a complementary 60 minute “unleash your awesome” call! We will discover if my coaching is right for you!

Creating Money Course

Are you ready to truly invite more money into your life? No matter where you are in your finances, I'm certain that you could figure out what to do with extra money! This is a 10 week group program where you have the opportunity to:

  • Master money vs. being controlled by it.

  • Move past any energetic blocks that are pushing money away.

  • Recognize that you are the source of your own abundance.

  • Get clear on what you really want to attract into your life.

  • Finally honor and get paid for your true value.

  • Become a money magnet!

Getting your money game in shape is the ultimate act of self-care. Drop your info and we will let you know when the next class dates are set!

VIP Adventure Experience

Connection. It's the name of the game. It's what we all crave and something that can easily be interrupted by day to day tasks, devices, assumptions, communication, time apart or even too much time together. And yet, it's the common denominator for all incredible relationships, work, family, or intimate. Seeing the need for many of my client's to connect deeply or reconnect completely with the people that mattered most in their lives, I created an incredible day of adventure, connection and fun!  Designed for two people, your VIP Day is completely customized to your unique partnership goals and situation. We begin the morning with a dynamic coaching session consisting of activities for deeper understanding. Next is a Helicopter flight over San Diego. We will break for a catered lunch and debriefing. The afternoon consists of a 2 hr sail in a chartered sailboat in San Diego Harbor, again followed by a debriefing and deepening of your learning.  You will be transported between events in a luxury vehicle. The event order is also customizable, let's talk!